Learn the skills you need to start and grow your dream online business.

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Do you have a dream of having an online business but don’t know where to start?

Are you overwhelmed with all the marketing advice on the internet?

Tired of trying out all the different marketing methods and not getting results?

Well, I’m here to help.

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help you:

Learn how to start a business that you’ve always dreamed of

Create marketing strategies that help you grow your business

Replace your day job with a successful online business.

On the Marketing Amateur blog, you will find the best guides, marketing tool recommendations, and advice to help your business succeed online.

Hi, I’m Tracy Jackson

The Super-Sleuth Of Online Marketing

I investigate what works (and what doesn’t!) in the online marketing world.

Let’s get your online business up and running!

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8 Day Email Training

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Launch your blog

icon 2 plan out your strategy

Plan out a content strategy

icon 3 setup marketing funnels

Set up a high-converting marketing funnel and

icon 4 grow your list

Grow your email list with highly engaged subscribers who WANT more from you!

If I had to teach you how to become a marketing pro, here’s what I would tell you:

Keep learning and doing.

You need to start as an amateur and grow to be a pro.

I began my journey as an entrepreneur way back in 2005. After running a successful vanpool business and multi-level marketing business, I got hooked on marketing.

I became an expert in building traffic and converting it through marketing funnels.

I’ve helped other businesses crush their online marketing goals with robust strategies.

But something was missing.

I wanted to share my marketing knowledge with the world and help tons of other marketing amateurs that were struggling.

And just like that this blog was born.

Let’s be honest – the amount of marketing advice on the internet is overwhelming.

Most established marketers make online marketing look so easy – but that is far from the truth.

I’ve been where you are right now.

I know your struggles.

People see success – but what they don’t see is what’s behind the scenes.

And that is why I want to help you.

Through this blog, I want to help you discover all the latest marketing strategies that top marketers use and learn how you can use them to scale your business.

Whether you own a business or are thinking of starting a money-making blog, I want to help you reach heights you never thought you could before.

Treat your blog as your business, not your hobby.

I’m glad that you’re here. I can’t wait to start this journey with you and uncover the true potential you have as a marketer.

Go forth and conquer the online marketing world

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