23 Best 3D Printing Tools For A 3D Printing Professional

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on August 28, 2022 by Tracy Jackson

3D printing tools

As a 3D printing professional, you know that having the right tools is essential for quality 3d printing.

This article will list the 23 best 3D printing tools for professionals. These tools include everything from adhesives and carving tools to finishing and cleaning supplies. These essential tools will help you produce high-quality 3D-printed products that your customers will love!

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23 3D Printing Tools To Add To Your 3D Printing Toolkit

Here is a list of all the essential items you will need in your 3D printing toolkit for all your projects:

1. Glue & Other Adhesives

Many different adhesives can be used for bonding PLA together, but the three most popular ones are listed below:

PVA Glue: PVA is a white glue that works great for joining PLA parts or multiple prints together. You can buy PVA glue here on Amazon.

PVA Glue - 3D printing tools

Super Glue: Super glue is suitable for small gaps and hard-to-reach places.

Super Glue

Hair Spray: Hair spray can be used as a primer to make the paint stick better to PLA.

Hair Spray

2. Print Removal Tool

A print removal tool is one of the most basic tools in your kit, and you have several options to choose from.

Print removal tool

For example, a spatula or palette knife is a specific tool for removing prints from the build plate, while you can use a utility knife or X-Acto knife or even a Swiss army knife to remove support material.

3. Deburring Tool/Knife And Cutting Mat:

A deburring tool or knife removes any sharp edges from your prints. You can also use it for removing support material from your finished 3D image. Choose a deburring tool that is comfortable for you to use and that will not damage your prints.

Deburring tool

A cutting mat is also helpful for protecting your work surface from cuts.

Cutting Mat

4. Needle Nose Pliers & Tweezers: