15 Best Ad Networks For Publishers And Bloggers To Monetize Your Blog

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by Tracy Jackson

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Okay, so you’ve set up your blog and are looking for ways to monetize it.

Or maybe you’re still in the planning stage – you’ve decided to set up a blog and are trying to figure out if ad networks can help you monetize your blog.

Maybe you’re wondering:

Which ad network pays the best?

Which is the best ad network for publishers?

What is the biggest advertising platform?

What are the best free advertising sites?

In today’s blog we will cover topics such as mobile ad network comparison, popular ad networks for new bloggers, what are the biggest ad exchanges among premium ad networks, and other ad networks that you may want to join as a blogger or publisher.

Internet ad spending in the US is predicted to rise from 121 billion USD in 2020 to close to 153 billion USD in 2024.

Best Ad Networks - Internet advertising spending

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It’s no wonder that the ad tech industry is booming with advertisers and publishers spending more and more on display ads.

When choosing the best ad network for publishers, it is important that you keep your customers in mind and make sure that you are not hampering their user experience with display ads and shopping ads.

In this article, I will talk about the best ad networks for publishers and bloggers, how you can choose the best ad platforms for your business, and whether Mediavine is better than Google AdSense when it comes to comparing the most well-known advertising platforms.

We will also check out the traffic requirement of each of these advertising networks, their ad serving technology, and how much advertising revenue you can expect from each of them.

Ready to begin? Let’s go.

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What Is An Ad Network?

An ad network is a sort of marketplace for advertisers and publishers (owners of websites with ad space to rent out).

The ad network searches the internet for ad space that is available and then sells that ad space to advertisers to display their ads.

Ad network

An ad network acts as a self-serve platform and allows you to set up an ad inventory to maximize your ad revenue.

Watch this video to learn more about advertising technology and how ad networks work:


An ad network owns ad servers for selling ad impressions to advertisers and monitoring ad revenue.

What is The Difference Between An Ad Network And An Ad Exchange?

An ad network acts as an intermediary by collecting ad inventory from publishers and selling them to advertisers. An ad exchange, on the other hand, is a digital marketplace where publishers can sell their ad inventory directly to advertisers.

How Do I Choose An Advertising Network?

Before we look at the top mobile ad networks, it is important that you understand how publishers and bloggers choose the best advertising network that suits their business model.

Whether it’s mobile ad networks or any other advertising technology, you need to consider the features and benefits of each advertising platform so that you can make the best decision for your business.

There are many factors when it comes to choosing the best ad networks for your business:

  1. Research the different websites in your niche and see what ad networks run on them. Remember that most ad networks use artificial intelligence to pick what ads to run on sites.
  2. Take into account whether you want to run ads on a website or mobile app (android or iOS). If you plan to run ads on a mobile app it would make more sense to go with a mobile marketing platform for ads.
  3. Check the size of the ad inventory of the ad network you are considering. The bigger their ad inventory, the larger the number of websites they can run your ads on.
  4. Make sure that the ad network is a platform that serves good quality ads. The quality of ads running on your website or mobile app greatly affects the user experience.
  5. Go with the best ad networks that have more than one ad format to choose from. There are different types of ad formats such as video ad formats, text ads, or pop-under ads. Even if you plan to run only text ads, plan to join an ad network that gives your room to scale to video ad campaigns later on as your business grows.
  6. Check the traffic requirements of the ad network you plan to join. You need to consider your current website traffic from Google or from social media like Twitter depending on where your customers usually hang out.
  7. Check the payout offered by each ad network you want to join. Do not join ad networks with a very low payout or ad networks that promise a high payout only if you meet very high traffic requirements.
  8. Educate yourself on ad fraud and how you can avoid it. Ad fraud is usually committed by domain spoofing, cookie stuffing, or geo masking, so be sure to choose a reputable ad network that is transparent with account managers and publishing partners.

Here is a helpful infographic with more tips on how to choose an ad network for your business:

How To Choose An Ad Network - Infographic

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Is Mediavine Better Than Google AdSense?

Many publishers have this question, so here is my review of the two most popular advertising companies.

Google AdSense – Best For Beginners

Google AdSense acts as the middleman for your ads and has one of the simplest ways of adding ads to your site.

Just copy and paste a snippet of code on your site, and Google finds the relevant ads to display.

How much do Google ads cost?

Nothing – it’s free.

Google AdSense does not have a minimum traffic requirement for publishers to display ads on their site, so almost all first-time bloggers get started with them.

Mediavine – Premium Ad network For Seasoned Bloggers/ Publishers

However, Mediavine is a different story.

Mediavine e