Best Database Software: 15 Top Database Software For Businesses

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on May 2, 2021 by Tracy Jackson

best database software

Businesses generate a lot of data that needs to be organized so that it can be used effectively.

With the increase in cloud services (especially SaaS marketing), so much business data is collected at every point in the business cycle.

There is a need for every business – big or small – to have some sort of database software that people can use to organize and use data productively and securely.

According to Statista, the world database management software (DBMS) market grew to 46 billion USD in 2019. Here is a list of the most popular and best database software as of December 2020:

Popular and best database software stats

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Which is popular DBMS software?

According to the statistic above, Oracle is the most popular database management system.

So if you’re wondering what are the top 10 databases you could use for business, or how a database can help your business, this article answers that and more.

Read on to find out the best database software and how you can use various database software options to manage data for your business.

Let’s dive right in!

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What Are The Top 10 Databases?

Here are the top ten best database software for businesses. I have reviewed each of these database software solutions later in this article, so keep reading to find out more about each one.

1. Knack – Best For Entrepreneurs, Startups, And Non-coders

2. MongoDB – Best For Performance And Scalability

3. MySQL – Best For High-Traffic Websites

4. Microsoft SQL Server – Best For Ease of Installation And Use

5. Oracle Database – Best In Database Administration And Application

6. IBM DB2 – Best For Efficient Hybrid Data Management

7. TeamDesk – Best For Creating Custom Databases