ClickMagick Review 2022 – Is It The Best Click Tracking Tool For You?

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by Tracy Jackson


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your marketing ads?

Not sure which landing pages on your website bring in the most traffic and sales?

As a marketer, it can be challenging to figure out which of your ad campaigns and marketing strategies are working.

You need a click tracking tool that helps you track the clicks from your visitors, showing you what they are interested in.


ClickMagick is one such click tracking tool that helps you get the most out of your ad and online marketing campaigns by using affiliate tracking software, link dynamic affiliate links, and much more.

In this ClickMagick review, I’ll walk you through what ClickMagick does, who can benefit the most from using a link tracking software like ClickMagick, and the tool’s best features. You can then choose whether you want to use this tool to track your campaigns.

Let’s begin.

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What is ClickMagick?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all the features and benefits of ClickMagick, let us first see what ClickMagick really is.

ClickMagick is a click tracking tool that a marketer uses to track every click that leads to your website or landing page from an external source.

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ClickMagick is a link tracking software that helps you in conversion tracking for your business campaigns.

What Does ClickMagick Do?

There are many things ClickMagick does, which you will learn in the later sections of this post.

ClickMagick - Track And Improve All Your Online Marketing Efforts, All In One Place

However, to give you a bird’s eye view of what ClickMagick can do for your business, I’ve listed them down for you here:

  • Tracking links
  • Optimizing your sales funnel
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Tracking affiliate links
  • Tracking offline sales
  • Conversion tracking
  • Link cloaking
  • Dynamic affiliate links
  • Custom tracking domains
  • Reduce ad spend
  • Automated split testing
  • Real-time stats and reports
  • Multi-platform retargeting
  • GEO and mobile targeting
  • Click rotators
  • Automatic bot filtering
  • Traffic Quality Analysis
  • Click fraud monitoring

Watch this video to understand better what ClickMagick can do for your business.

Who Can Use ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a link tracking software for any marketer or business owner who wants to get the most from their affiliate marketing. It is for business owners who want to study their traffic closely and spend money only on ad campaigns with a high conversion probability.

Affiliate Marketers

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What Are The Features And Benefits of ClickMagick?

As a part of this ClickMagick review, I will show you all the features and benefits of this link tracking software and how they can help you increase your conversion rates.

Hopefully, you will be able to compare these features of ClickMagick with other click tracking tools to see whether ClickMagick is something worth investing in for affiliate marketers.

1. Multi-mode Link Rotators

The multi-mode link rotator is a handy feature for you if you sell traffic or ads. ClickMagick has this fantastic feature that allows you to send traffic to more than one URL from the same link.

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Click Rotators or Link Rotators allow you to distribute traffic to as many URLs as you like. That means if you have many affiliate links to share, you can configure them in the link rotator and share the rotator link.

ClickMagick allows you to track these links, and its multi-mode link rotator helps you determine how the links get distributed.

2. Split Testing

It goes without saying that if you are a marketer, you know how valuable split testing or A/B testing is.

You can split-test ads, landing pages, and sales funnels (built with ClickFunnels’ sales funnel builder) for your business to see which works best.

ClickMagick has a split testing or A/B testing feature that allows you to pick the best version of your ads and landing pages and boost your conversion rates.

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3. Automatic Bot Filtering

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or are running PPC (pay-per-click) ads, fraudulent clicks can be a considerable challenge. Not only does it give you the wrong impression about your ad campaign, but it also wastes your ad budget.

ClickMagick has automatic bot filtering that filters out spammy and fraudulent clicks for your Google or other paid advertising platform.

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4. Dynamic Sub IDs

Suppose you want to track your affiliate links and see where they are coming from. Should you create unique links for each traffic source?

No! That would be time-consuming and tedious.

Dynamic Sub IDs are a feature of ClickMagick that creates unique links for each traffic source. This makes it easy to track traffic and conversions.

5. Content Locking

ClickMagick allows users to lock a specific page or piece of content. This feature is called content gating or content locking.

Content locking allows you to “lock” a video, article, or other pages. Visitors need to type in their email addresses in exchange for accessing this page.

By using these types of links, you can collect the email addresses from targeted traffic.

6. Ad Retargeting Pixels

With the Ad retargeting Pixels feature, you can retarget anyone who clicks your links. ClickMagick allows you to add retargeting tracking pixels to any tracking link or third-party sites like Google or social media.

Ad tracking pixels increase your chances of conversion because you follow your visitors on third-party sites with your ad campaigns.

7. Geo And Mobile Targeting

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ClickMagick allows you to include or exclude certain countries from clicking your links – this is geotargeting.

Mobile targeting allows you to send mobile clicks to a different destination than clicks from a desktop.

Geo and mobile targeting helps you get more qualified traffic by allowing you to filter out the countries and devices you do not wish to receive clicks from.

8. Simple User Interface

ClickMagick is one of the click tracking tools with a very smooth and straightforward user interface. This makes it easy for people to use the tool, whether they are beginners or experts in the field.

ClickMagick’s dashboard is easy to navigate and helps you easily split test, and analyze the top-performing links in your campaign.

9. Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analyser