How to Publish a Podcast – 5 Super Simple Steps To a Successful Podcast

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on September 5, 2022 by Tracy Jackson

how to publish a podcast

Do you want to start a podcast? Are you unsure of all the steps involved in starting a podcast?

In this “How to Publish a Podcast” article, I will talk about all the steps involved in starting and publishing a podcast.

Here’s what we’ll cover how you can:

  • Record your first high-quality podcast episode
  • Create an intro/ outro that you can use for all your podcast episodes
  • Edit your podcast episodes and export them as MP3 files
  • Choose the right podcast host (podcast hosting service)
  • Optimize your podcast and publish it on podcast directories like Apple Podcasts

So, without taking much more of your time, let’s jump straight in!

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How To Publish a Podcast

1. Record Your Podcast Audio

There are three ways you can record your podcast audio:

1. Directly on your phone

2. Use podcast equipment and podcast software to record with your computer

3. Convert existing YouTube videos into podcast episodes

Let’s take a look at these one-by-one:

Recording Podcast Media Files With Your Phone

The simplest and fastest way to record your podcast episodes is to do it with your smartphone.

Many podcasters do this, especially when recording podcast episodes outside or on the go.

Recording podcasts with your phone

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To record a podcast episode on your phone, you will need:

1. Audio Recording App

There are many audio recording apps both for Android and iPhone (such as Anchor) that you can use to record your podcast episodes for free.


You can check out Anchor here.

2. Headphones

Invest in a basic pair of headphones to hear yourself as you are recording your podcast episode.

Invest in basic headphones

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The catch here is, though, that your podcast episode may not be of high quality when compared to one that is recorded using specialized equipment.

Recording Podcast Files With Your Computer

The most popular method for recording podcast episodes is through a computer. Many successful podcasters invest in specialized equipment and software to get their highest quality podcast files.

Recording podcasts with your computer

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There are two main things you will need when recording a podcast episode with your computer:

1. Podcasting Equipment

There are a few pieces of equipment you need to invest in if you are serious about starting a podcast. When you’re just getting started, a beginner podcast equipment setup would suit you well.

A decent pair of podcasting headphones will help you while recording and also while editing your podcast episodes.

A podcast microphone will help you record your episodes with high clarity.

Other pieces of podcasting equipment you may need are listed in this blog post:

Best Podcast Equipment – How To Set Up a Professional Podcast Recording Studio

2. Podcasting Software

The next thing you will need to invest in for your podcast is a podcast hosting platform.

Here is a post that lists all the best podcast hosting software you can use for your podcast:

11+ Best Podcast Hosting Sites For 2021 – 5 Of Them Are Completely Free!

Converting YouTube Videos To Podcast Audio Files

The third way you can create a podcast episode is to convert your YouTube videos (if you already run a YouTube channel or are planning to start one) into audio files.

Converting YouTube videos to podcasts

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To convert a YouTube video into an audio file, you will need to first download the YouTube video to your computer.

Here’s a blog post that shows you different ways to do it:

How To Download YouTube Videos Without Software – 5 Safe Ways To do It!

A YouTube channel is a great way to gain new podcast listeners if you are starting a new podcast.

2. Create An Intro/ Outro For Your New Podcast

If you look at the most popular podcasts in your niche, you will find that they usually have a catchy intro and outro for each podcast episode.

If you want to create a successful podcast, you must make it memorable. Along with great content, a cleverly designed intro and outro will give your podcast audience something to recognize, keeping you in their memories for longer.

Creating intros and outros for your podcast

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