How To Write Your First Blog Post – 10 Steps To An Awesome Blog Post

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on September 5, 2022 by Tracy Jackson

How to write your first blog post

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a blog and write your first blog post!

Not many people have got this far in their blogging journey, so pat yourself on the back!

There can be many reasons you want to learn how to write your first blog post:

Whatever the reason, you’re at the right place.

In this article, I will teach you how to write your very first blog post on your very own blog!

If you already have a blog or website – great!

If you don’t own a blog or website yet, no worries.

I will briefly walk you through setting up a domain name and web hosting and installing one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world – WordPress.

You can also join my Blogging Amateur email course to learn how to quickly set up a blog for yourself.

Once you have your blog up and running, you can follow the steps in this “How To Write Your First Blog Post” Guide and publish your first blog post.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Let’s begin.

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How To Write Your First Blog Post

Writing your first blog post can be intimidating. Trust me, I know.

Every blogger has been there. It is only when you overcome your fears and write your first blog post that you will move forward and get where you want to be.

Once you’ve finally published that first blog post, you’ll gain the confidence to write your next.

Remember not to go after perfection right from the start. You’re still learning, and you need to give yourself room to grow.

write your first blog post

Your first blog post will not be PERFECT. But that shouldn’t stop you. Follow the steps and tips in this blog post and keep writing blog post after blog post. That will help you eventually get to where you want to be – and there’s no stopping after that!

On that note, let’s start.

1. Define Your Target Audience

There’s no point in blogging if you don’t take the time to know your readers. There is a common saying in the blogging world that if you write for everyone, you’re writing for no one.

That means you need to narrow down on the topics you talk about on your blog.

Study your target audience.

Who are they?

What kind of lives do they lead?

What are some of the common problems they face that you can help them solve?

What is their profession?

How old are they, on average?

Now, I know that as a business, you may be catering to different people with different personas. Find the most common persona and create a profile out of it.

For example, maybe your target audience is corporate individuals in their mid-forties looking for the best email marketing software for their business.

Once you’ve created that user persona, it will be easy for you to figure out things like:

What tone you can speak to them in

What unique challenges they face every day

What kind of solutions are they looking for

Determining your target audience is the best way to write an SEO-friendly blog post.

Determine your target audience

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Your whole blogging process becomes a lot easier. You will know what topic to write about, what keywords to target, and how to make your content SEO-friendly.

When you know who you are writing to, your blogs will have a deeper connection with people in your target audience. You will have posts on topics that answer each question they have about something related to your niche.

2. Get Web Hosting And Set Up Your Website

So, you’ve determined your target audience and know exactly how you’re going to help them – by writing blog posts!

But where do you write and publish these blog posts? How will your target audience access and read your first blog post?

To run a blog, you will have to set up a website first.

Setting up a website does not have to be complicated or time consuming, or expensive.

You can buy a domain name and hosting very easily and for very cheap. That means, if you don’t already have a website or blog, you can have one up and running in a day!

Want to know how? Join my email course, Blogging Amateur, to learn how you can set up a fully functional blog in a day.

Here are some reviews of really cheap hosting sites you can use to buy hosting:

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Having your own blog or company website can help you easily rank on Google so that people can find your blog posts when they look for specific keywords.

Setting up a blog

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Bloggers usually set up a WordPress account as their content management system because it is easy to use and helps you optimize your blog posts for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Once you’ve decided on a topic or idea that you want to blog about for your web readers, yo