Paid, Owned, And Earned Media – Why Each One Is Reliable and Awesome

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on November 18, 2022 by Tracy Jackson

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Your target audience is looking for your business online.

If your brand does not have an online presence (like, for example, a YouTube channel or a blog), you’re missing out on some serious opportunities.

Paid, owned, and earned media needs to be a huge part of your digital marketing strategy if you want to get noticed.

Traditional media outlets like print ads and direct mail are still relevant today, but digital media channels like paid, owned, and earned are powerful channels through which you can reach your target audience.

Organic search (SEO) has a much higher close rate (14.6%) when compared to traditional forms of marketing like direct mail or print advertising (1.7%).

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But is SEO the only way to go?

Certainly not!

There are other types of media channels that hold tremendous potential when it comes to marketing your business.

In this post, I will introduce you to the most popular types of digital media marketing: owned, earned, and paid media.

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Paid, Owned, And Earned Media – What Are They And How Can They Help Your Business Grow?

Owned, earned, and paid media are the three types of digital media that businesses use to accelerate growth.

If you are planning to grow your business, there are certain aspects you need to focus on:

  • Creating awareness of your brand among your target audience,
  • Building your brand reputation and authority in your niche,
  • Driving traffic to your site, and
  • Converting that traffic into valuable leads and customers

Paid, owned, and earned media have unique roles, but when you include them in a comprehensive marketing strategy, they begin to work in harmony.

digital media

From the Venn diagram above, you can see that although all types of digital media (owned, earned, and paid) have their strategies, you can combine them to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

To understand how you can leverage paid, owned, and earned media for businesses, let’s first learn more about each of them.

Paid Media

Paid media involves paid promotion on websites other than your company’s. These could be social media sites, other websites, or blogs. 

Paid media marketing allows you to reach audiences you never could reach through other media.

Although paid media requires investment, the returns can be very profitable. 

According to Statista, the