How To Choose The Best Podcast Topics For Your Business Podcast

by Tracy Jackson

Last Updated on May 8, 2021 by Tracy Jackson

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Do you want to create a podcast for your business?

Or are you looking for new and popular podcast topics for your already-established podcast?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next greatest podcast topic or looking to captivate and grow your audience with new podcast ideas, you’re in the right place.

Podcast Statistics for 2020

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In the US, the average podcast listeners listen to six podcasts per week!

Seventy-five percent of Americans are familiar with podcasting, and 37% (104 million!) listen to a podcast every month.

It’s safe to say podcasters are in the best growth phase, and if you plan on starting one, now’s the best time to do it.

In this post, I will talk about why you need to have a podcast show for your business, how you can choose the right podcast topics for your niche audience, and what the best podcast formats are so you can create binge-worthy podcasts for your hungry listeners.

Excited? Let’s get right to it!

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Why Should You Create a Podcast For Your Business?

There a bazillion reasons why businesses choose to create a podcast these days. For one thing, podcasts are a great way to repurpose older content.

Podcasts for your business

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As a podcaster, you can choose anything as your podcast topics. As a starting point, you can interview experts in the field while slowly growing your authority in your niche.

Here are some great reasons why you should start a podcast:

Establish Authority in Your Niche

Your podcast is a means through which you tell the world your brand story and position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Establish authority with your podcast

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Spend time in research before you pick your podcast topic and start creating episodes. The content you create gives your target audience the idea that you are a professional, thus establishing your authority.

Grow Your Audience

One more reason to start a podcast for your business is to grow your audience.

Interesting podcast topics can attract people from all over the world to listen to your content. For podcast ideas, you can think about what questions people have on the niche topic.

Increase Traffic To Your Website And Marketing Funnel

Hosting a podcast show is one way you can send traffic to your website and landing pages. Podcasters tend to repurpose content from their blog post or website to create new podcast topics that listeners will want.

That is usually because not everyone likes the text format of blog posts. Some people enjoy videos; others enjoy podcasts. It is your podcast’s job to showcase your expertise and attract a whole new audience through something they enjoy.

Here are some more reasons why you should create a podcast for your business. This is quite a long video, but it does contain some excellent reasons. If you’ve already decided to start a podcast and are looking for the best podcast topics for your podcast, skip the video and continue the post below:

How To Choose The Best Podcast Topics For Your Show

So, you have a podcast idea but are still unsure of the podcast episode you will create for your show.

In this section, I will show you how you can choose topics for each episode of your podcast that your audience will love.

Evaluate Your Podcast Goals

Before you begin your podcast, you need to take a step back and establish a focus for your podcast topics. Is your podcast idea to monetize through ads and affiliate marketing? Or do you want to send traffic to your blog or a specific landing page?

As a professional podcaster, you need to have clear goals for your show. Only then will you be successful in picking the right topics for your listeners.

Here are some helpful tips on how to set realistic goals for your business podcast:

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Consider Planning For Podcast Guests

If you do not have subject matter expertise in your field, you can choose to invite qualified or famous people to share their knowledge with your listeners on each episode.

You could use tools like Google Calendar, Podio Project Management Software, Screenflow, and Skype to manage the production of your guest podcasts and make the whole process seamless.

Here is a simple guest podcast checklist to give you an idea of what tasks are involved:

Guest podcast workflow

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Identify Your Interests And Expertise Before You Pick a Podcast Idea

Podcasters need to have a particular passion and flair for creating their podcast. It would help if you asked yourself certain questions:

What podcast topics are you interested in creating as a professional?

Do you have the expertise required for your podcast idea?

Remember that although you are podcasting for your listeners, you need to love what you do to be passionate about it.

Podcast Topics: Tips For Selecting Your Podcast Niche

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Decide What Sets You Apart From Other Podcasters

Podcasters have certain factors that set them apart from others in their podcast niche. Try to figure out what makes you unique to your podcast listeners.

Think of unique angles for your podcasting ideas that bring out your ideas and talents. No matter what podcast topic you choose, find ways to own it with your expertise and personality.

Here are five valuable tips to help you develop a unique podcast for your audience:

Find Out How You Can Monetize Your Podcast

One of the main reasons you want to start a podcast is to monetize it or to use it to drive business for you.

But how do you monetize your podcast?

There are many ways you can create podcast topics to earn money directly or to increase revenue for your business.

For instance, you could use your podcast episodes to tell people about a new product you are selling.

Your audience will not mind ads during your show, so you could use ads and sponsorships to monetize your podcast content.

In a survey by Podcast Magazine, these were the techniques people used to monetize their podcasts:

Podcast Monetization Techniques

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Podcast Ideas – How To Choose a Podcast Topic

Now that we’ve seen how you can niche down and decide what podcast topic to talk about on your show let’s look at the different types of podcast formats you can create for your show.

1. Interview People

An excellent format for a podcast is interviewing people. These people could be subject matter experts, celebrities, or other prominent personalities – depending on what your show is about.

An example of this podcasting idea is “How I Built This With Guy Raz“, where the host interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists about the companies or movements they built.

How I Built This With Guy Raz

2. Travel Podcast

A travel podcast is a great way to share everything about traveling. You could have podcast topics related to travel adventures, budget travel tips, the best places to visit, and other knowledge about traveling.

In his podcast “Zero To Travel“, Jason Moore talks about his own experiences while traveling. He also interviews fellow travelers besides sharing travel budget tips, travel safety tips, and how to earn money while traveling.